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Mada Alalameyah Team

Madaglobal W.L.L. was established in Qatar with the aim of providing the best possible services in the information technology sector for all businesses. To achieve our goals, we have created a company atmosphere that attracts the best and the brightest from across the world. Our team is dedicated towards improving the performance of our clients and making them a digital force to be reckoned with.

Our team has been assembled with great effort and care. At Madaglobal W.L.L., we made it a point to reach out to the best known professionals in the fields of information technology, social media, design and tool building and to then localize across the Arabic region. With an array of skills and the creativity to push through all obstacles, the team has risen to all challenges thrown at it and impressed every client.

We aim to deliver the best quality each time, and follow a strict workflow to achieve new standards with each project. Along with the client, each phase is discussed in detail and solutions are created in real time.

Discovery - The team engages with the client in order to fully understand the needs and requirements. This is done by discussing short-term goals, long-term goals; developing an understanding for the future along with the current issues being faced by the customer. We do not compromise on the time and effort needed in the first phase of operations, to ensure that the next phases move smoothly.

Design - The team then moves on the phase of designing. It is at this point where we aim to provide solutions to the issues being faced by the clients. We also attempt to remove issues that may show up in the future to provide the best possible product. The team designs varied iterations of the product and each of them is put through filters to work out any kinks that may arise. Once the entire team - and the client - is satisfied by what they have in front of them, the next phase begins.

Development - A critical phase for the team, this is when we put our thoughts and designs into the real world. We begin developing the application/mobile app/website/design/social media plan and give a concrete structure. Once the process begins, each step is put through tests and simulations to understand the capacity of work and the improvements that can be made.

Delivery – Madaglobal W.L.L. delivers a product to the client only when the team is fully satisfied with their work. This means that unless the product has gone through rigorous quality testing and meets strict standards, it will not be shown to anyone. Our clients can rest assured that they will be involved in every step of the way to provide feedback and changes.

The team at Madaglobal W.L.L. has critical thinkers, doers, designers, testers and all-in-one superheroes that make each product a work of excellence. Working with our team will surely be the best experience you have ever had.

For more information about working with Madaglobal W.L.L., you can contact us directly.

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Easy Process
Easy Customiz
Best Service
High Knowladge

What Clients Say ?

Good Senior Designers and Developers with deep knowledge about Design. Good communication and the project was delivered on time. I strong recommend Mada Global.

Jonathan Smith
  • 5

Mada Global Delivered quality work extremely quick. He also provided several designs using There artistic licence and delivered a design far better than I had originally asked for.

David Chan
  • 5

The best Company we have ever worked with. Nothing is to much trouble and the quality of the code could rival any Silicon Valley coder. Work with Madda Global right away especially for complex development and custom builds.

  • 5