Mada Alalameyah Technologies

Madaglobal W.L.L. has been established by a known veteran in the field of information technology. It should come as no surprise that one our core strengths is using varied technologies to our benefit and creating applications for our clients.

Working with us gives access to a range of technologies for different business purposes.

ERP Computer Applications

Madaglobal W.L.L. utilizes the many years of information technology experience to create some of the best ERP based computer applications. Our aim to is create better applications that make it simpler for varied departments to communicate with each other.

The goal is to provide companies with in-depth data from each department that can be analyzed with ease and be combined with other data to get a complete view of company. We cater to both large and small businesses, adapting our technology to the need.

CRM Computer Applications

Having great CRM application means that the company is able to provide the best experience for their customers and create lasting relationships. The CRM computer applications created by Madaglobal W.L.L. are able to provide any company with a host of operational software.

It can take care collecting and using data from customers and manage the needs of employees, partners and vendors. It also allows companies to create benchmarks for automatic sales and pull up market information when needed.

Web Based Applications

We provide services for clients that wish to utilize software via the web by creating web-based applications. This allows us to create a route between the server and the client, allowing them to use the application as and when they require.


This is the dawn of the digital age, where having a web presence is necessary to survive. Clients often look through the website of a company they wish to hire, and if the website isn’t impressive enough, neither is the company.

Madaglobal W.L.L. has always been ahead of the curve and understands just how important it is to have a website that can impress visually and perform with precision. No matter what the industry, we are proficient in building websites to suit any form and function.

Mobile Applications

The growth of the smartphone culture has prompted many companies to slowly shift towards creating apps for the phone. Madaglobal W.L.L. combines the learning developed from years of working on information technology and web applications to create better and more beautiful smartphone apps. We provide our clients with holistic support when working on their apps, leaving open the option to upgrade constantly and grow as per the needs of their customer base.
.NET, java & PHP

Madaglobal W.L.L. also enjoys working on generalized computer applications and our teams are proficient in various programming languages. Our strengths are .NET, java and PHP, and we can work with a variety of other languages. With out expertise, we have been able to provide our clients with support that goes far beyond the scope of other information technology companies and we enjoy taking on the challenge every single time!

Each industry requires a different kind of understanding to fully meet their needs. Depending on their current requirement, the information technology applicable to them changes. The same applies to social media and website creation, as each kind will require an approach. The best way to understand what is the best is by fully discussing the project before it starts. Madaglobal W.L.L. makes sure that we adapt our understanding of the technology to the client and their work. This allows us to utilize the benefits of the technology in every manner possible and provide holistic solutions for the clients.

Why Choose Us ?

Easy Process
Easy Customiz
Best Service
High Knowladge

What Clients Say ?

Good Senior Designers and Developers with deep knowledge about Design. Good communication and the project was delivered on time. I strong recommend Mada Global.

Jonathan Smith
  • 5

Mada Global Delivered quality work extremely quick. He also provided several designs using There artistic licence and delivered a design far better than I had originally asked for.

David Chan
  • 5

The best Company we have ever worked with. Nothing is to much trouble and the quality of the code could rival any Silicon Valley coder. Work with Madda Global right away especially for complex development and custom builds.

  • 5